Hello world, I'm Tristan...

Lead developer at Heaven Labs

***\ Currently in San Francisco /***

Pretty more backend, I like printing arrays to feed API's or any other sites or web service

About Me:

Originally from Paris in France, I currently work from San Francisco remotely for Heaven agency.
You can find me quite every days in coffee shops like Another café, Nook, the Chai Bar or in Macy's Starbucks above Union Square.
Coding quite anytime, when I stop it, I spend my free time skiing, climbing, kite-surfing, (just started), and those kind of sports.
I discovered programming quite late, I first studied accounting, finance and law. But when I discovered how to "build the web", I have never stopped. It has been 5 years now.

If you want to tell me about a really nice place where I can camp whole day with my laptop, in SF or Paris or anything else ? => Ping me an email

Here are the last projects I worked on:



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